Tractor Maintenance Hacks Every Farmer Should Know

1. Daily Inspection Routine

Begin each day with a quick inspection. Check oil levels, coolant, tire pressure, and ensure all parts are in good condition. This daily routine helps catch issues early."

2. DIY Oil Change

Save money with a DIY oil change. Follow these five simple steps: Drain oil, replace the oil filter, add new oil, run the engine, and recheck oil levels. A well-lubricated engine ensures smooth operation.

3. Tire Care Tips

Extend the life of your tractor tires by maintaining proper inflation, rotating them regularly, and checking for wear and tear. Well-kept tires ensure better traction and fuel efficiency.

4. Cleaning and Rust Prevention

Regularly clean your tractor to prevent rust. Use a pressure washer, remove debris, and apply a rust prevention spray. A clean tractor not only looks good but also performs better.

5. Battery Maintenance

Follow these four steps for optimal battery health: Disconnect, clean terminals, check fluid levels, and recharge if needed. A well-maintained battery ensures a reliable start every time.

6. Air Filter Check

Inspect and clean or replace the air filter regularly. A clean filter allows proper airflow, improving fuel efficiency and engine performance.

7. Fuel System Care

Maintain a clean fuel system by using quality fuel and additives. Regularly check fuel filters and injectors for clogs. A clean fuel system ensures optimal engine performance.

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